Working experience

My working experience consists of a 30-year career at the life Sciences and Materials company DSM and a position as Project Manager at Maastricht University where I worked for the Maastricht University Medical Centre+.
At DSM I had positions in various disciplines such as R&D, HR, Communication and Marketing, exploiting my technical background as a chemist, my MBA and my great affinity with networking and communication.

Since 2000 my focus has been on digital communication and digital marketing. At DSM I was responsible for the selection and implementation of a new worldwide digital platform for the DSM organisation. As the first employee of the Corporate eBusiness Centre I had a key role in creating ebusiness adoption and developing and disseminating best-practices. I am particularly proud of identifying, initiating and management DSM’s investment in the electronic marketplace ChemConnect in 2000. After that I was responsible for at DSM Corporate Communications.

As a Corporate Spokesman at DSM Corporate Public relations I wrote press releases, answered press questions, organized press conferences. As a Business Development Manager I was actively scouting for acquisition opportunities for DSM Fine Chemicals, visited acquisition candidates worldwide and was a member of due diligence teams. As Recruitment Officer at DSM Corporate Human Resources I was responsible for recruitment of academic personnel in R&D.

Since 2018 I am active as a consultant and project manager with my own company.